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Core Nutritionals is back at it again with another high quality product! Grow is a complete meal packed with healthy carbs, fats, and proteins. Grow contains 570 calories, which is enough to help anyone reach a caloric surplus. A caloric surplus is needed for your body to use extra energy to repair damaged muscles and continue to grow. There is also a great profile of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients because of all the whole foods used to formulate Grow. >

The BRO-Carb blend is made from whole foods such as oatmeal flour, quinoa flour, and sweet potato flour. These carbohydrates are high in fiber and other micronutrients to help support an overall healthy body. The PHAT blend is also made of healthy fats. These fats will help increase the body’s metabolic response to food intake and help you continue to grow muscle.

Grow uses a cold-processed whey protein concentrate as a source of protein for this supplement. Protein is needed to replenish amino acids in skeletal muscle in order keep getting bigger. Amino acids are essentially the building blocks of muscle which is why Grow contains 40 grams of protein. Core Nutritionals also took the extra step of adding in digestive enzymes to help your body break down these macronutrients. They can be more readily absorbed by your body when they are broken down.>

If you are struggling to hit your caloric intake or are looking to put on some quality size and muscle, Grow is a complete whole food mass gainer designed to help you hit your necessary caloric intake needed to reach your goals! Lift, Eat, Sleep, and GROW!

Core Nutritionals CORE Grow Nutrition Facts

core nutritionals grow nutrition facts

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Zachary H (Detroit, US)
Whole Foods Quick and Easy!

I have been through about 6 tubs of Redcon1 MRE which is their version of meal replacement from whole foods. I utilize these types of formulas in the morning, starting my day every day with so much solid nutrition in what I like to call my super shake haha. CORE GROW, for me personally, was better formula wise and taste wise than all of the Redcon MRE's I have tried!! And that's saying a lot. Very high quality ingredients, available in less than 30 seconds. Can not beat it

Drug Miller
Grow Your Gains

I liked this gainer. It's a big tub o' complex carbohydrates and healthy fats (and protein). Taste is delicious.

Phat Blend A+

Great mass gainer. Not cheap maltodextrin based like most of the other gainers on the market.

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