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Core Nutritionals CORE HARD (84 Caps)

Core Nutritionals CORE HARD (84 Caps)

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Core Nutritionals Hard

Improve the appearance of your physique and take your training performance to the next level with Core Hard. Everyone wants to look the best at any given moment, whether cutting weight or putting on muscle. Core Hard will improve hormone levels and stimulate fat loss naturally.

  • Reduce cortisol by 27% (Stress hormone released by the body)
  • Increase endurance, stamina, and overall training performance
  • Supports mood and well-being
  • Stimulates natural testosterone production
  • Increased blood flow
  • Reduced muscle loss for energy (catabolism)
  • Improved muscle protein synthesis
  • More fat used for energy
  • Reduce estrogen levels
  • Clinically dosed and completely natural!

Core Nutritionals CORE HARD Nutrition Facts

core nutritionals hard supplement facts

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
claire esculier (Memphis, US)

Excellent product, I have no weight to loose, just wanted to shred a bit more on my legs, I can already see the change in just 5 days.

Freddie Elias (Chicago, US)
Seems to work hard to tell

Its ok

Gabriel Castor (Chino, US)
Awesome for body comp!

Works great when used with a strict it surplus or deficit...hardness beginning to show...

Ali (Glendale, US)
Good to use when Dieting

Thsi product works best when you have a somewhat decently low body fat percentage to see the best results. But even if you don't see results you can definitely feel it. Promotes well being, keeps estrogen levels in a normal reduced range and helps promote blood flow. Would highly recommend.

Good hardening agent

Product is really worth it if you have low body fat levels. Best suited for contest prep

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