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Core Nutritionals

Core Nutritionals CORE PWO

Core Nutritionals CORE PWO

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Post workout nutrition is important. No you wont shrivel away if you don't eat or drink anything right after your workout! Proper nutrition is necessary to make progress and build muscle though. Following a workout, carbohydrates are needed to replace glycogen (stored energy) in the body. Protein is needed to begin repairing muscle tissues. Simple sugars have been shown to best replenish carbohydrate stores and stimulate the release of insulin. Insulin and growth hormone released during and after a workout are the main hormones that assist in muscle growth. Protein/branch chain amino acids also stimulates protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is responsible for new muscle growth. Make it easy and consume an all in one post workout product like Core PWO!

  • Simple Sugars to stimulate insulin release
  • Top Quality Whey protein isolate
  • Branch Chain Amino Acids for fast absorption
  • Glutamine for recovery
  • Vitamins and Antioxidants
  • Taurine for improving hydration and boosting protein synthesis
  • Great taste and excellent mixability!

Core Nutritionals CORE PWO Nutrition Facts

Core PWO Nutrition Facts

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Great Post Workout!

I love this stuff. I take it after every workout. Highly recommended.

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