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Core Nutritionals

Core Nutritionals Core Vegan

Core Nutritionals Core Vegan

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Product Highlights

  • Pea + Brown Rice Protein For Complete Amino Acid Profile
  • Fortified with BCAA for Amplified Protein Synthesis
  • DigeSEB® Enzymes for Enhanced Digestion & Utilization
Whether you are following a vegan lifestyle, are allergic to lactose or simply want to
switch up from a dairy based protein source such as whey, vegan proteins have
been an emerging area of focus in recent years. The problem is that they don’t
taste as good, are incomplete amino acid profile wise, don’t digest as well and don’t
amplify protein synthesis as well as traditional dairy proteins. The answer is now
Core Vegan...a premium quality vegan protein designed to address all the issues we
know about vegan proteins. It has a complete amino acid profile from Pea and
brown rice (complementary sources), is enhanced with BCAA for amplified protein
synthesis, features DigeSEB for digestive support and last but not least, features a
world class flavor system. The result is a premium grade vegan protein that delivers
all that you desire in a protein without sacrificing flavor.

Key Benefits

  • Support Lean Muscle Growth
  • Improved Digestion & Recovery
  • Lactose, Gluten & Soy Free

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