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Clinically Dosed True One-Scoop Pre Workout

Core Nutritionals has built a reputation on providing no nonsense products, with scientifically backed ingredients, in full clinical dosages. Core Nutritionals Fury is no exception. Featuring full clinical doses of all ingredients, Fury will help you hit your PR's and go longer and stronger in the gym.

Fury is meant to be used as a true one scoop pre-workout. Why is this important? Many companies formulate their products so that you need to take 2+ scoops to get an effective dose of the ingredients. So that 30 serving container of pre workout you just bought is going to turn into 15 servings once you dose it high enough to get the full effect. This is important, because Fury is not cheap. 28 Servings will run you $42, or about $1.50/day. However, that is about 50 cents less per day than if you were to take the leading 30 serving pre workout that costs $30 and use 2 scoops per day (the amount required to get a clinical dose). So not only will you get a top notch pre workout from a reputable brand, you will also save about $14 during a 28 day timeframe! Intense energy and pump for a tasty price! Speaking of taste, with flavors like Crushed Apple Candy and Strawberry Colada, you can expect some great flavoring in this product.

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Purenergy is an ingredient developed by Chromadex. You may have heard of Chromadex as an independent 3rd party quality verifier for companies such as BPI and Cutler Nutrition. Purenergy is an innovative patent-protected caffeine ingredient that is a combination of caffeine and pTeroPure pterostilbene. It is composed of ~43% Caffeine, and ~57% pTeroPure, a 99% pure nature-identical all-trans pterostilbene with seven patents issued or pending. Fury contains 100mg of PURENERGY in addition to 300mg of caffeine, so if you are stimulant sesitive, beware.

What are the health benefits of PURENERGY?

From Chromadex, "The technology-driven fusion of caffeine and pTeroPure provides a novel next-generation functional caffeine alternative. Our first human study of PURENERGY indicated that:"

  • PURENERGY delivers almost 30% more caffeine into the blood than ordinary caffeine.
  • The rate of caffeine absorption is significantly slower with PURENERGY, by about 30% as compared to ordinary caffeine.
  • The half-life of caffeine from PURENERGY is extended significantly by about 25% over that of ordinary caffeine.
  • At 4 hours, there was 45% more caffeine from PURENERGY compared to ordinary caffeine alone.
  • At 6 hours, there was 51% more caffeine from PURENERGY compared to ordinary caffeine alone.
  • At 6 hours, subjects taking PURENERGY showed significantly less fatigue and greater concentration compared to baseline. Ordinary caffeine did not.
  • At 6 hours, subjects taking PURENERGY showed improved energy, alertness and focus compared to baseline. Ordinary caffeine did not.
  • PURENERGY showed no adverse events.

Core Nutritionals Fury is currently one of the top pre-workouts on the market. It's high dosed ingredient profile combined with a per day cost less than the leading pre-workout brand makes this an extremely attractive choice for your next tub of pre. The energy, focus, and pump from Fury is sure to give your next workout the boost it needs. For those who want to maximize their pump and performance, be sure to check out the Fury Pump Stack.

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