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Core Nutritionals Greens

Core Nutritionals Greens

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Product Highlights

  • TruServ Greens Delivers a Whole Food Equivalent of A Full Serving of Greens
  • Spectra for Free-Radical Fighting Antioxidant Power
  • 5B CFU Probiotics for Promotion of Optimal Gut Flora
You have heard your whole life how important it is to eat your fruits and veggies,
but realistically, most of us don’t get the recommended amount of them daily,
especially the greens, because let’s face it: Most of us don’t think they taste good!
Core Nutritionals Greens addresses this issue by creating a comprehensive solution
that features TruServ Greens for a full serving of whole food based greens in each
serving among other high quality greens. It also features Spectra for potent
antioxidant support and free-radical mitigation for cellular health and rounds out the
formula optimizing gut health with 5B CFU of probiotics. From top to bottom, you
can rese assured that you’re getting in your daily greens to help optimize your
health with Core Nutritionals Greens.

Key Benefits

  • Supports Dietary Vegetable Intake Requirements
  • High Potency Antioxidant Source
  • Promotes Optimal Digestive Health

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