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CrossFuel Aminoreps (370g)

CrossFuel Aminoreps (370g)

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3 Tier Formula

Crossfuel Amino Reps is a 3 tier Amino Acid formula that provides branched chain amino acids in a 45:35:20 ratio along with Betaine and Protein. This is an extremely effective blend as is contains a whopping 3.6g of Leucine (the anabolic trigger) which jumpstarts muscle protein synthesis. But what good is muscle protein synthesis without protein? Amino Reps has the answer with 8g of protein included in the blend. Amino Reps also contains Betaine, a creatine-like ingredient which both increases strength and endurance with long-term use and improves blood flow and muscle pumps. Electrolytes also make their way into this formula, making it perfect for athletes in any sport.

Crossfuel Amino Reps Supplement Facts

crossfuel amino reps supplement facts
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