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CrossFuel Power Plant 30

CrossFuel Power Plant 30

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Packed With 30g of Vegan Protein!

Power Plant 30 is the premier vegan protein on the market today. Packed with a whopping 30g of Rice, Pea, and Hemp Protein along with digestive enzymes, Power Plant is a complete blend. Many people have issues with the gastric effect of whey protein or are intolerant to dairy-based products. For many, plant-based protein is the answer to getting extra protein in their diet without consuming dairy. In addition, Power Plant contains one of the highest amounts of protein per serving of any protein in the industry today!

Who Should Take Power Plant 30?

Plant-Based Protein is a great alternative to dairy-based protein powders such as whey and casein. Anyone who is sensitive to dairy products or vegan/vegetarian can benefit from the effects of Plant Power 30. Anyone who does not consume animal products knows the difficulty of getting enough protein in their diet. Just one serving of Plant Power is a great supplement to any healthy diet.

Crossfuel Plant Power 30 Nutrition Facts

crossfuel plant power 30 nutrition facts
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