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CrossFuel Rapid Recovery

CrossFuel Rapid Recovery

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Crossfuel Rapid Recovery

Essential For Muscle Growth & Recovery

Post workout nutrition is key to muscle growth and recovery. You have a short window after your workout that is the optimal time to take in nutritious protein and carbs. Many people miss this window or don't optimize their intake, however, and miss out on growth of lean muscle due to poor nutrition.

Crossfuel Rapid Recovery is the perfect supplement to take that will optimize muscle growth and recovery post workout. With a full 20g of isolate protein and 20g fast digesting carbohydrates, Rapid Recovery gives your body exactly what it needs to recover from even the most grueling workouts. Rapid recovery also contains ingredients to help blunt the effects of cortisol (stress hormones that inhibit muscle growth and store fat) and boost muscle protein synthesis, making that 20g of protein isolate go even farther.

Who should take Crossfuel Rapid Recovery

Rapid Recovery is a safe, effective, nutritious supplement that can be used by anyone. Whether you are involved in crossfit, endurance sports, bodybuilding, powerlifting, or any physical activity, everyone needs proper post-workout nutrition to maximize the effects of exercise and progress in their sport. Proper post workout nutrition is also essential for injury prevention to help keep you in the game.

Crossfuel Rapid Recovery Nutrition Facts

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