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Legend Pro is a pre workout from the Cutler Nutrition line by Jay Cutler. Jay is a legendary bodybuilder and 4x Mr. Olypia. Legend Pro contains a blend of nootropics (focus enhancers), stimulants, and pump/blood flow ingredients. If intense focus and super energy is what you are looking for, then this is the pre workout for you. Just one scoop of Legend Pro will take your workout to a new level. Go longer and stronger and get that intense mind-muscle connection with Legend Pro.

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Based on 10 reviews
Mark Phillips (Comanche, US)


amazing sweats

literally start sweating within 20 minutes. cold chills. running nose. and did i mention the sweating??? thats on non-work-out days. when im working out, one scope does well. helps with focus. helps with energy. i once took three scoops in one day, first one at 730am, and last one at 6pm. wont do that again. i looked like a crack head to everyone else around me. its a great vasodilator. i add a scoop (5gm) of creatine and a scoop (3mg) of beta alanine occasonally, because it feels a little lacking. and honestly, i completely enjoy the skin tingling. will definitely be purchasing again, especially as long as the two-fer is available.

Angie (Plattsburgh, US)

I can't take this as it gave me the chills for 4-6 hours each time I took it. I sweated through my clothes a few times and couldn't get warm. After some research it was due to the ingredient Yohimbe, which can cause not only this but other issues. If you're going to use it take less than recommended to see if you can handle it - I couldn't. However, I buy many other products through them and I am very happy with everything else and will continue to purchase their products.

Javan Weston (Marysville, US)
Great Burn

Amazing Pre, I get great energy without feeling out of control.
I feel a body burn like I’m burning fat for hours after my work out.
Suppz has the best prices and super fast shipping.
Both great sup and great site!!

Stephanie (Detroit, US)
Life Changing!

I started taking this after I bought some supplements to try from the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio. I had already started eating healthy and cutting out all sugar, bread and pasta. Along with eating healthier, I had been working out for 6 months before I totally changed my diet for the better. With that being said, I was struggling with a plateau I had hit, so this is where Cutler Nutrition Legend Pro Preworkout had come into play. I started with only a half a scoop and within 3 weeks I was 35lbs lighter and I felt amazing! It was like I shed a fat suit that I'd been wearing since my first pregnancy 7 years prior. When I started my fitness journey, I was 170lbs and feeling horrible about everything I had tried over the years. Now 3 years after my weightloss and achieving my goals, I have new goals, but every chance I have I reccomend this supplement over any other thermogenic, preworkout and/or fat burners.

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