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Cutler Nutrition

Cutler Nutrition Total Cuts (60 Caps)

Total Cuts is a diuretic designed to help you shed excess water weight with a blend of natural ingredients. Men and women are bound to accumulate excess fluid in their bodies, the elimination of which reveals hard, defined muscle. If you are trying to tone up for a show, temporarily shed a few excess pounds, or get ready for an event, then Total Cuts may help you reach your goals.

Total Cuts Ingredients
  • Taraxacum Oficinale (Dandelion) - Natural ingredient proven effective for the elimination of water from the body.
  • Juniper Berries - Helps relieve excess water without losing electrolytes.
  • Uva Ursi - Works with dandelion to help relieve excess water and promote a healthy urinary tract

Cutler Nutrition Total Cuts Nutrition Facts

Total Cuts Nutrition Facts