DynamiK Muscle Warbringer (120 Caps)

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Kai Greene talks Warbringer

DynamiK Muscle Warbringer

Proper testosterone levels are essential for muscle growth. Strength and training performance can be greatly improved with increased testosterone. Testosterone levels can decrease with age, improper nutrition, lack of sleep, and stress. Warbringer is a great natural supplement that will increase testosterone levels naturally and help with new muscle/strength gains! Along with improved performance Warbringer can also enhance mood and improve muscle pumps!

  • Byroviron, Tribulus, and Vitamin D3 improve testosterone levels
  • Fenugreek for increased libido
  • Ashwagandha Extract improves relaxation and mood
  • DIM increases breakdown of fat and promotes muscle growth
  • Bioperine improves nutrient absorption
  • Improve performance!
  • Gain strength!

DynamiK Muscle Warbringer Supplement Facts

Warbringer by DynamiK Muscle

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