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Out of all of the bodybuilding supplements on the market – the one that is most important that is often overlooked is a high quality multi vitamin.

Finaflex Active Multi is a powerful “anabolic bodybuilding vitamin” designed to give you maximum health, increases in recovery, strength, focus, digestive health, heart health, and even antioxidant support!

On top of this Finaflex active multi also contains joint support, digestive health support, and an anti-catabolic amino acid matrix.

Benefits of taking an Anabolic Active Multi-Vitamin include:

  • Supports active fitness and bodybuilding lifestyles
  • Aids in muscle building efforts
  • Speeds up recovery and boosts your body’s intake of micronutrients
  • Optimal Heart, liver, and brain health
  • Digestive enzyme support
  • Joint support
Finaflex Active Multi combines over 20 powerful individual ingredients into the following matrixes
  • Essential Amino Acid Matrix
  • Super Antioxidant Matrix
  • Mental Focus Matrix
  • Liver Detox Matrix
  • Joint Support Matrix
  • Digestive Health Matrix
  • Heart Support Matrix

How to take Finaflex Active Multi

As a dietary supplement you should consume 4 capsules of Finaflex Active multi per day. Make sure to drink at least 16 ounces of water with each serving.

Finaflex Active Multi (120 Caps) Supplement Facts

Finaflex Active Multi (120 Caps) supplement facts Finaflex Active Multi (120 Caps) supplement facts

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