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Finaflex ALC+CLA

Finaflex ALC+CLA

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Finaflex ALC plus CLA is a powerful weight management supplement with scientifically backed results. Conjugated linoleic acid(CLA) and Acetyl L-Carnitine(ALC) are powerful non stimulant weight loss ingredients that gives its user a natural boost of energy levels and fat oxidation.

If you are not a fan of stimulant based fat burners but still desire maximum weight management results this is the product for you!

CLA helps you reduce body fat levels by utilizing your fat cells as an energy source and boosting energy levels. It is one of the strongest all natural fat burners and provides a healthy jolt of energy.

CLA has been clinically shown to help you increase lean muscle mass, boost workout intensity, and boost fat burning capacity.

The synergistic addition of CLA makes this product a fat loss machine – without the use of stimulants that can give some users a lot of negative side effects.

Each serving size of Finaflex ALC + CLA contains 960 mg of CLA and 400 mg of ALC.

How to take Finaflex ALC + CLA

As a dietary supplement aiding in weight management and fat loss consume up to 2 capsules of Finaflex ALC + CLA per day for maximum results.

It is best to consume this product in the morning before breakfast.

Finaflex ALC+CLA Supplement Facts

Finaflex ALC+CLA Supplement Facts
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