FinaFlex Ignite 2

Finaflex Ignite 2 is a potent pre workout supplement that yields amazing workout intensity boosting benefits. There are a lot of potent pre workout supplements that give you a jolt of energy – but what seperates Finaflex Ignite 2 apart from its competition is the fact that its built with Aminosterone – which is a revolutionary new amino acid derivative that will boost your testosterone levels in under 30 days.

Ignite 2 gives you a pre workout experience that helps to boost lean muscle mass, increase energy levels, increase workout intensity in the gym, and boost strength.

Ignite 2 will also prevent catabolic muscle wasting during those marathon man workouts with its addition of instantized BCAA’s – your body’s most important amino acids for staying in an anabolic muscle building state.

It also contains the only true buffered creatine on the market – giving you powerful strength boosting results.

It gives its users the following powerful benefits:
  • Insane amounts of Energy for workout domination
  • Powerful testosterone boosting effects to unleash the inner alpha
  • Anti Catabolic matrix giving you optimal muscle fuel for longer periods of time
  • Strength boosting Crea-Trona
  • Increases Workout Endurance
  • Incredible muscle pumps and vascularity

How to take Finaflex Ignite 2

Finaflex Ignite 2 is a powerful pre workout supplement and should be taken 15-30 minutes before training. For the first 3 workouts consume only ½ scoop as it is very strong. After the trial period you can increase your dosage up to 1 full scoop before working out. Do not combine with any other stimulants or caffeine containing supplements.

FinaFlex Ignite 2 Supplement Facts

FinaFlex Ignite 2 Supplement Facts

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My go-to PWO

I tried out four or five PWO supplements before I settled on this one. Every other one I tried gave me horrible jitters but thankfully Ignite was different. The ingredients definitely seem to be more natural and it has less filler content overall, which is always a good thing.