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Finaflex Max Pump (120 Caps)

Finaflex Max Pump (120 Caps)

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If you love that powerful blood surging pump with spiderman like vascularity – Finaflex Max Pump is the supplement for you.

Finaflex Max Pump is scientifically formulated to give you maximum muscular endurance, sick muscle pumps, extreme vasodilation, and enhanced nutrient delivery.

Not only does a “muscle pump” feel amazing and make you think you’re a monster in the gym – but it has powerful nutrient delivery boosting benefits.

Your body’s ability to deliver key muscle building nutrients such as amino acids, glycogen, creatine, etc during and after your workout is truly the X Factor to increase in muscle growth, strength, and recovery.

Finaflex Max Pump is a powerful workout boosting supplement that contains the synergistic combination of Betaine Anhydrous, and Agmapure (99 percent pure agmatine sulfate)

Finaflex Max Pump also contains maltodextrin so these ingredients can be shuttled into your blood stream easier for immediate pump inducing benefits.

Max Pump gives you powerful results by reducing muscular fatigue and improving blood flow to your hard working muscles at the gym. Betaine will increase power, force, and endurance. Finaflex once again delivers a “next level” workout experience with Max Pump.

How to consume Finaflex Max Pump

As a pre workout supplement consume 4 capsules of max pump 30 minutes before an intense training session. On non-training days you can consume up to 4 capsules per day with food. For gym-goers seeking extreme all day pumps you can take up to 8 capsules per day.

Finaflex Max Pump (120 Caps) Supplement Facts

Finaflex Max Pump (120 Caps) supplement facts
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