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Finaflex Total Mass

Finaflex Total Mass

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Product Highlights

  • 52g Pentaphase Protein for Instant + Time Release Protein to Help Maximize Growth
  • 149g Carbs with only 9g Sugar/serving for Fueling Training & Glycogen Replenishment
  • Features Probiotic + Enzyme Blend for Increased Nutrient Absorption & Digestion
If you’re looking to add quality size, getting in enough calories to fuel and support
lean muscle is critical. Whole food is always king, but when life happens or your
appetite just isn’t putting up with more and more food, that’s where a gainer comes
into play. Don’t just settle for random ingredients in a bag though, opt for the best:
Finaflex Total Mass. Designed with a 52g Pentaphase protein blend in each serving,
you’ll be fueling lean muscle growth and recvory faster than ever. The 149g of
carbs helps fuel training, push the calorie window and replenish your glycogen and
digestion is more than handled with the inclusion of the exclusive Probiotic &
Digestive Enzyme Blend. Take your gains to the next level with Finaflex Total Mass.

Key Benefits

  • Support Lean Muscle Growth
  • Fuel Rapid Recovery & Performance
  • Mixes Easily with a Milkshake Taste!
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