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Sleep FYOOL - (120 Caps)

Sleep FYOOL - (120 Caps)

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  • Scientifically Proven Formula Designed to Enhance Restful Sleep
  • Hydrating Electrolyte Formula Keeps Cells Supercharged So You Can Wake Up Feeling Refreshed
  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors, non-GMO, Vegan Friendly Formula

Introducing Sleep FYOOL, a premium sleep support supplement designed with hydration in mind. 

Sleep is an essential and rejuvenating part of life. From building muscle to fighting off illnesses, sleep can do wonders for both our mental and physical health.

However, sometimes getting a good night’s sleep isn’t as easy as we may hope - there are many factors such as stress, too much caffeine or alcohol consumption (even infrequent), work deadlines, etc., that make it difficult for us to enjoy the benefits of this precious time in between shifts into wakefulness and dreamland.

However with Sleep FYOOL we don’t have to worry about all that anymore! Using proven ingredients like magnesium, zinc, theanine, and chamomile as a foundation to a deep night's rest, Sleep FYOOL takes things a step further. 

Something that most people don't know... Dehydration can make it hard to get a restful night's sleep. Sleep FYOOL is designed with a powerful electrolyte formula that will keep you hydrated on a cellular level, to maximize every minute of sleep throughout the night, so you can wake up and perform your best.

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