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GAT BCAA (180 Caps)

GAT BCAA (180 Caps)

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Premium Branched Chain Amino Acids. Build Muscle. Anti-Catabolic. Protein Synthesis. Enhanced Recovery. GAT BCAA. Muscle Growth, Repair & Recuperation.

This very high potency formula contains essential amino acids, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine. Many studies suggest branched chain amino acids are the most important. These are vital, and protein sparing. GAT BCAAs promote muscular growth and recuperation. They're the most rapidly absorbed. 70% pass promptly through the liver and are dynamically pushed into muscle tissues, where the majority of metabolism takes place. BCAAs also promotes enhanced utilization by including Vitamin C and B6. We blend in Aminogen for ideally increased absorption and bioavailability. Aminogen is clinically proven to increase amino acid levels and boost nitrogen retention. A natural, plant-derived, patented designer enzyme developed by Triarco Industries, it breaks down protein, improving amino acid absorption, It's ideal for increasing lean body mass and strength. Aminogen does all this while supporting protein digestion and reducing or eliminating gas, bloating and constipation that protein sometimes causes. Our BCAAs are a valuable tool for athletes while dieting. They lessen the catabolic (breaking down) effect in muscle tissue. That's a benefit that serious athletes should not overlook. Get Faster, Easier Muscle ACCURAL with BCAAs!

GAT BCAA Nutrition Facts

GAT BCAA Nutrition Facts
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