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GenOne Labs Epibolic (60 Caps) (EXP 09/2020)

GenOne Labs Epibolic (60 Caps) (EXP 09/2020)

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Product Highlights

  • 300mg Epicatechin for Natural Growth Factors
  • 50mg Laxogenin for All-Natural Anabolism & Growth
  • High Potency, All-Natural Formula
If you’re looking to add lean muscle in a bulk or maintain that hard earned lean
mass during a cut, it can be a very rough road and often times, feel like you’ve hit a
plateau. Sure, there are products that promise to help you maintain and gain lean
mass, but those products also have nasty side effects from messing with your
natural hormone levels. GenOne Labs Epibolic is designed to help you gain and
maintain that lean mass, featuring the potent, natural anabolics epicatechin and
laxogenin – two ingredients that are non-hormonal and shown in research to support
lean muscle growth, maintenance and repair. Level up your lean mass potential with
Epibolic from GenOne Labs.

Key Benefits

  • Lean Muscle Growth & Maintenance
  • Improved Recovery & Muscle Protein Synthesis
  • All-Natural, Non-Hormonal Formula

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