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Glaxon ARC (63 Caps)

Glaxon ARC (63 Caps)

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  • 500mg Agarikon Mushroom Powder for Adaptogenic Immune Support
  • 15mg PreforPro Prebiotic for Optimizing Gut Flora
  • TRAACS Zinc and Copper for Natural Immune System Support
If your body’s immune system isn’t functioning optimally, you probably don’t need
us to tell you that it will leave you susceptible to a variety of issues including and
increased likelihood of getting sick, recurring and permanent health issues and
decreased performance. Glaxon ARC was designed to help your body defend against
any environment you may find yourself walking into...whether it be traveling
abroad, going through a large gathering of people or just daily life, you can be
exposed to potential pathogens. ARC works by bolstering your body with natural
immunity boosting ingredients such as zinc and copper, which if deficient, can
hinder a proper immune response. It also works to bind to suppress the replication
of pathogens that may have found their way into your body and last but not least
aid in boosting the production of your body’s own immune cells.

Key Benefits

  • Natural Antioxidant Support
  • Supports Immune System Health
  • Aids in Optimizing Gut Flora

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