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Glaxon Goon Mode

Glaxon Goon Mode

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Product Highlights:

  • Alpha GPC + DMAE + L-Tyrosine for Elevated Focus
  • Lion’s Mane + Ashwagandha + Bacopa for Natural Memory Support
  • Caffeine + Citrafuze™ + Theacrine for Natural Energy Boosting
We all get it: Now and then, you simply don’t feel as sharp as you normally
do. Whether it is lack of sleep, being overworked, or simply just a wandering
mind – lack of energy and focus can hit the best of us and sidetrack the best
if intentions for productivity. Repp Sports Raze Focus is designed to help you
lock in and get stuff done with a comprehensive formula that provides
amplified focus, energy and memory formation support. Don’t just mask the
problem, address it head on and get back on track to your most productive

Key Benefits:

  • Improves Focus & Concentration
  • Naturally Boost Energy Levels
  • Aid in Cognition & Memory Formation
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