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Glaxon Specimen Pre Workout V2

Glaxon Specimen Pre Workout V2

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Product Highlights

  • 3.2g Beta Alanine + 2g Betaine Nitrate for Endurance & Pumps
  • 400mg Caffeine + 300mg Cholinace + 250mg Tyrosine for Intense Energy & Focus
  • Astrolyte Electrolyte Blend for Enhanced Hydration & Performance
Glaxon Specimen was designed to be a high intensity, multiple purpose pre-workout
supplement. Addressing hard hitting energy, hydration, training capacity and power
output, Specimen is quite the...well, Specimen! Fully disclosed ingredient profile,
potent, research backed ingredients and premium flavors, Specimen will help you
get you going no matter what the situation. Whether it is the end of a long work day
before you hit the gym or first thing in the morning where you need to wake up and
lock it in, you won’t be let down with Specimen as your pre-workout of choice.

Key Benefits

  • Intense Energy & Focus
  • Enhanced Cell Volume & Pumps
  • Prolonged Training Endurance & Enhanced Power Output
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