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Glaxon Thermal Thermogenic Fat Burner

Glaxon Thermal Thermogenic Fat Burner

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Product Highlights

  • 1.1g Carnitine for Enhanced Fatty ACID Transport
  • 500mg L-BAIBA for Enhanced BRITE Conversion of Adipose Tissue
  • 250mg InnoSlim for Enhanced AMPK function

Time and time again, thermogenic product have been created and released but are nothing but a bunch of stimulants that make you 'feel' like it's doing something, but it isn't actually helping you get lean. Glaxon thermal instead of using stimulants, focuses on increasing fatty acid utilization (fat burning) while preserving lean muscle mass...the perfect 1-2 combination for improved body composition. It harnesses the power of potent, cutting edge science with MitoBurn and InnoSlim for AMPK Signalling for fat burning increases as well as the tried and true l-carnitine tartrate for increased fatty acid mobilization. From Top to bottom, you can rely on the true science of fat burning contained in Glaxon Thermal to take you to the next level of lean.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Calorie Burning
  • Supports Conversion of WAT into BRITE Cells
  • Improved Fatty Acid Utilization
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