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Granite Supplements

Granite Supplements Adamantium Aminos

Granite Supplements Adamantium Aminos

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Granite Supplements Adamantium Amino’s is a unique recovery and performance boosting supplement that is designed for the best possible performance achievable. Adamantium Amino’s will help put you in position for peak performance which is what translates to better results. More weight and reps will equal bigger increases in size.

What makes Adamantium Amino’s so unique is the use of Essential Amino Acids in a 3:1:1 ratio along with a Peak O2 blend.

EAA’s in a scientifically dosed 3:1:1 ratio will prevent breakdown and help promote faster recovery while you are training. Spiking protein synthesis to begin the process of recovery and growth is important if you are going to supplement with amino’s and that’s why John Meadows has always been a big proponent of utilizing EAA’s.

Peak O2 is a proven performance booster that will help your strength levels and endurance. You will be able to maintain strength for longer while getting more out of your workouts. Peak O2 is made up of six Ayurvedic mushroom strains that contain powerful adaptogens. These adaptogens allow your body to adjust to the physical and mental demand of intensive workouts and push harder.

Taurine and Lion’s Mane will help hydrate and zone in your focus so you’re mentally prepared for your intensive workouts. Adamantium Amin’s will have your workouts last longer, maintain strength for longer, utilize oxygen at a better rate, and increase exercise capacity.

Product Highlights

  • Essential Amino Acids in a 3:1:1 ratio and 6 grams per serving
  • Spikes muscle protein synthesis for faster recovery
  • Peak O2 for max performance output
  • Hydrating electrolytes

Supplement Facts

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