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Granite Supplements

Granite Supplements Arc Reactor

Granite Supplements Arc Reactor

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Granite Supplements Arc Reactor is a fully transparent pre workout formula designed for maximum pumps and blood flow. From the mind of legendary John Meadows, Arc Reactor is an all-around pre workout designed to deliver huge pumps and vasodilation, a heightened laser focus, long lasting energy, and loaded with performance boosters that will have your strength and endurance boosted to new levels.

Arc Reactor takes no shortcuts! Using scientifically researched ingredients at doses backed up by clinical trials, Arc Reactor will be your new favorite pre workout.

The pump: Loaded with L-citrulline and VasoDrive to increase blood flow to the muscles to really produce those big and hard pumps that really bring out vascularity. More blood being forced into the muscle will cause more expansion.

The focus: Utilizing Lions Mane, Theobromine, and TeaCrine for increased mental focus and cognitive function. Laser focus that will have you connecting with your muscles on each and every rep.

The energy: Combining a moderate dose of caffeine to allow for fast acting energy followed up by a heavy dose of TeaCrine which is a slower acting stimulant that will allow for long lasting workouts with a crash. The perfect amount of energy to elevate workouts without the worry of jitters.

Boosting performance: Clinically dosed Beta-alanine and Betaine Anhydrous will give boosts in strength and endurance. Slowing down fatigue allowing for longer lasting workouts which allow for more volume and higher rep sets.

Product Highlights

  • Supports maximum pump and muscle volumization
  • Enhances strength and endurance, fights off fatigue
  • Amplified mental focus and clarity
  • Fully transparent label

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