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Maintaining a ketogenic diet is difficult, but using the right supplements can have a very benefitial effect to your experience while being on a ketogenic diet. Cutting carbohydrates can lead to less energy during the day and for workouts as well as brain fog and not operating at your best mental capacity.
Granite Supplements Keto Factor is the complete ketogenic dieters formula for sustained energy, elevated focus, and improved hydration for performance. Along with supporting staying in ketosis, Keto Factor has a full range of essential amino acids to maintain protein synthesis to prevent muscle breakdown and promote better recovery. Keto Factor is meant to be taken intra workout and is designed to elevate performance.
The inclusion of BHB Salts are what makes Keto Factor a key tool to those running a ketogenic diet. BHB Salts will help promote better mental focus and cognitive abilities when ingested with a diet void of carbohydrates. Beyond that, BHB Salts have such a wide range of benefits:
  • Boosts fat loss and workout performance
  • Fights off inflammation
  • Boosts insulin sensitivity

This combination makes Keto Factor a must have tool to optimize your workout performance, hydration, and recovery abilities.

Product Highlights

  • Support ketogenic dieting with ketone salts
  • Stimulate muscle protein synthesis and recovery
  • Sustained energy and focus
  • Fully transparent label

Ingredient Breakdown

Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s) – all 9 essential amino acids that prevent muscle breakdown and promotes protein synthesis to recover and grow.</li>

BHB Salts – Provides improved focus and sustained energy. Enhances ketosis and will aid in better fat loss and performance.</li>

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Kelli Adams (Dallas, US)

I ordered Blue Razz because it’s all they have in stock. It’s good I just think I would have liked the Cosmic Punch better. Works great

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