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Granite Supplements Lipocalypse (60 Caps)

Granite Supplements Lipocalypse (60 Caps)

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The market is saturated with fat burning supplements that hide behind high doses of stimulants that make you think they are working and burning fat, but aren’t formulated using much effort or science. Granite Supplements Lipocalypse is a scientifically backed fat burning supplement that is designed to burn fat through multiple pathways. Research backed with effective dosing and using the right ingredients, let Lipocalypse shred body fat and help you to the best look possible.

Lipocalypse not only burns body fat, but also elevated your mood, cognitive function, and energy levels.

Elevated Mood and Focus: Utilizing Alpha GPC, TeaCrine, and Chocamine to stimulate your mind, enhance focus, and spike that ‘feel good’ feeling in order to make dieting much easier and less stressful. TeaCrine will also help prevent crashing with its slow energy boosting effects.

Increased Energy: The combination of Caffeine, Rhodiola, and DiCaffeine Malate all work together to boost energy levels while energy is low during a low caloric diet. Boosting performance, metabolism, and suppressing appetite are secondary benefits of these ingredients to also aid in fat loss.

Thermogenesis Blend: Capsimax Canenne Pepper, Grains of Paradise, and Bioperine all work together to stimulate your metabolism and increase energy expenditure. Meaning your body heat will increase, you’ll burn more calories, and a suppressed appetite.

Product Highlights

  • Increase energy and fat oxidation
  • Elevated mental focus and mood
  • Appetite control and minimize food cravings

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