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Granite Supplements Recovery Factor is an absolutely loaded intra/post workout supplement. Perfect for promoting the best performance while giving your body a kick start on recovery. Loaded with the fastest absorbing carbohydrates, essential amino acids, and other performance good quality performance boosters. Elevate your workouts while also preventing breakdown and stimulating growth!

Studies have shown that EAA’s are superior to BCAA’s for growth and recovery. Recovery Factor is loaded with all nine essential amino acids that will stimulate protein synthesis to promote more muscle growth and cut down soreness.

Including highly branched cyclic dextrin with is a carb source that will absorb instantly to help provide more energy and push to your workouts. Feeding straight into the muscles, instant pumps and fullness can be expected with no stomach distress. Ideal for those looking to maximize the benefits of their supplement stack.

Product Highlights

  • Supports improved training and performance
  • Promotes increased blood flow for pumps
  • Electrolytes for better hydration
  • Fastest absorbing carbohydrate available to rigorous workouts
  • Essential Amino Acids to stimulate MPS
  • Promotes faster recovery

Supplement Facts

recovery factor supplement facts

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