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Off The Chain is a high energy DMAA and caffeine product that also doubles as an amino acid supplement. For anyone who have tried energy and amino products in the past, you know it’s a great combination! Combining amino acids and caffeine for a more mild pre-workout supplement is great because it will not over-stimulate you, and the added amino acids will help jumpstart muscle protein synthesis. In addition, Off The Chain is great pick me up type product as it contains a very low dose of DMAA and caffeine, so you can take it any time to get the benefit of energy and amino acids. In addition, Off The Chain contains not only BCAA’s, but 13 separate amino acids which can improve overall health vs just muscle growth and recovery.

Hi Tech Off The Chain Supplement Facts

hi tech off the chain supplement facts

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Big Mo
Off the Chain is Off the Chart

Bought a bottle of this (pink lemonade) about 2 weeks ago. Great taste, great energy with only 1/2 scoop. I sip on it in the morning when I get to work and the energy lasts me all day.

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