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Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals

Hi Tech Pharma Zinc Lozenges (100 Lozenges)

Hi Tech Pharma Zinc Lozenges (100 Lozenges)

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Product Highlights

  • 25g of Zinc in Each Lozenge
  • High Potency Zinc Gluconate & Zinc Citrate
  • Perfect for Cold & Flu Season and Year-Round Immune Boosting
If you’re looking to bolster your natural immune defenses, Hi Tech Zinc Lozenges is
the effective and proven answer. Zinc has been a long-standing staple for improving
and optimizing immune system function and resistance to cold and flu as
deficiencies have been shown to increase susceptibility to illness, especially as we
age. It also has benefits in aiding in wound healing and aiding overall in the body’s
natural defenses. Hi Tech Zinc lozenges are made with highly bioavailable zinc that
is easily absorbable, and is in a pleasant orange-citrus flavor, making it easy to keep
your zinc intake adequate and optimize your immune system health.

Key Benefits

  • Support A Healthy Immune System
  • Help Protect Against Cold & Flu Viruses
  • Aid in Wound Healing & Overall Health
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