Hydra Cup Dual Shaker

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Holds 30 oz Total
15 oz on each side, enough for 2 scoops of protein

Dual Mixers
Mix protein, preworkout and other nutritional powders on both sides

Storage Unit
Put protein, pills and keys in one side while still drinking

Key Chain Attachment
Connect your hiking clip and you’re adventure ready

Custom Design
Fits most cupholders and mesh backpack pockets

You don’t hide, you high step to the end-zone and spike the ball, because you know you put in hard work. That’s what separates you. The Hydra Cup shows your preparation, efficiency, and motivation when you hit the gym. Being original is not about flash, it’s about expression. Hydra Cup, you know what you got and aren’t afraid to show it.


Customer Reviews

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Simple Product That Delivers On Expectations

This is a well built shaker cup that only has one issue. The strainer does not do the best job at breaking down powders. That is if you compare this to a typical blender ball. Not to say it does a bad job, it just requires some more shakes. Other than that the top is sturdy and so are the caps. Everything has a nice click to it so you know that it's locked in place. Each side holds enough liquid to fit any of your shaker cup needs and the bottle itself fits into your typical cup holder in the car. Overall great product that does what you wanted it to do for a very reasonable price.

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