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Product Highlights:

  • Full Spectrum EAA Profile for Maximizing Muscle Protein Synthesis
  • Coconut Water Powder + Aquamin for Supporting Optimal Hydration
  • Carnitine + Paradoxine + GBB for Thermogenic Support
The holy grail of all training is to support lean muscle growth while
simultaneously aiding in the reduction of body fat. Inspired Nutraceuticals
Amino Fuego is designed to do just that! Featuring a full spectrum EAA
profile for maximizing lean muscle growth, recovery and repair, Amino Fuego
also has a unique thermogenic component. Powered by research supported
components such as carnitine, Paradoxine (grains of paradise) and GBB for
enhanced calorie burning and thermogenesis, Amino Fuego will not only
support that hard earned lean muscle, but also help you get on the path to
lean quicker than ever. Last but not least, you’ll get superb, natural
hydration support via coconut water powder and Aquamin for supporting
proper hydration and mineral replenishment.

Key Benefits:

  • Supports Enhanced Recovery
  • Promotes Elevated Calorie Burning
  • Vegan & WADA Banned Substance Free

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