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Inspired BCAA is a fermented vegan amino acid that comes from only the highest quality sources. Did you know that some BCAA’s are made from human hair? Stop with the low-quality aminos and try Inspired BCAA which comes from real vegetables. Inspired BCAA also comes in a 2:1:1 BCAA ratio, which has been found to be optimal for muscle growth and recovery.

Benefits of Amino Acids

BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids) are found naturally in protein. These aminos are comprised of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. Benefits include improved muscle mass (via leucine the “anabolic trigger”), improved energy and endurance intra-workout, and shortened recovery time from exercise. BCAA’s have also been found to aid in weight loss.

Aquamin Electrolytes

Inspired BCAA is a true athlete’s amino acid as it contains Aquamin Electrolytes. These electrolytes are sourced from kelp seaweed and are more soluble than regular electrolytes. Electrolytes are lost during exercise and need to be replenished through your diet or supplementation.


In this newly formulated Inspired BCAA, comes Astragin. Astragin is a compound that results from combining Panax Notoginseg and fractionated Astraglus. When these two combine, they form a compound that is scientifically proven to increase the body's nutrient uptake. Astragin is a nutrient uptake enhancer that drastically increases the bodies uptake of: amino acids, vitamins, and glucosamine. Adding this ingredient to any product increases the amount of nutrients your body uptakes, and when added to a BCAA, your body is able to uptake the essential amino acids that are included. This component makes the traditional 2:1:1 BCAA ratio, even more beneficial to you because your body can now digest and absorb these amino acids at a higher rate.

Benefits of Inspired BCAA

  • Non-GMO
  • No Colors
  • No Dyes
  • Standard 5g of Instantized BCAA’s
  • Aquamin Electrolytes

Inspired BCAA Supplement Facts

inspired bcaa supplement facts

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sean (Goleta, US)
Never Tried a Better BCAA

Favorite BCAA I've ever tried by far. Taste and price are unbeatable. Definitely give it a chance if you've never tried it. You wont be disappointed. always get the california gold or orchard apple and it doesn't taste like fake flavoring. Tastes like real apple/ mango juice every time. 100% recommend.

Amazing Taste

With other supplements that I’ve tried, the flavors can be too overpowering and after using them a few times you get sick of it. This stuff is on the next level, it offers a unique flavor that keeps me coming back. The flavors they offer even taste good mixed.
On the BCAA side of things I could definitely feel a boost in my energy and mood pretty quickly after taking this. My muscles recovered faster too, I felt like I could hit muscles I had already worked the day before.

Great BCAA

I tried this product after it received the #1 ranking for BCAA products on supplement reviews. I can't say it disappointed. Awesome taste. Easily the best tasting BCAA I've ever tried. The hydration is real. The aquamin electrolytes are more easily absorbed than others and I can tell the difference. The included astragin also helps with absorption of things like citrulline so I feel like I get a better pump when I take this pre workout. All in all a very well designed product with exactly what you need. Oh and also the BCAA's are made of plant fiber and not convict hair :)

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