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Rich Piana 5%

Kill It Reloaded

Kill It Reloaded

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Product Highlights

  • 4g Citrulline + 3g GlycerSize + 750mg Nitrosigine for Maximum Blood Flow & Muscle Fullness
  • 2g Beta Alanine + 1g Betaine for Enhanced Training Capacity
  • Tri-Blend Caffeine for Immediate & Sustained Energy & Focus
Time and time again, we are bombarded with countless options for pre-workouts on
today’s market. What is effective vs. what is just another run of the mill product?
5% Nutrition Kill It Reloaded has been created to cut through the nonsense and flat
out give you great damn workouts. Featuring a caffeine blend for immediate and
sutained energy, you’ll be locked in from beginning to end of your workout. The
N.O. Blend featuring citrulline, Nitrosigine and Glycersize will not only result in
improved blood flow, but maximize muscle fullness for serious pumps. Last but not
least, training capacity and output will be elevated with the inclusion of beta alanine
and betaine anhydrous. So, when it’s time to train, are you going to just go through
the motion, or are you going to KILL IT?!

Key Benefits

  • Immediate & Sustained Energy & Focus
  • Increased Blood Flow & Muscle Fullness
  • Elevated Training Capacity & Output
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