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Killer Labz

Killer Labz Executioner

Killer Labz Executioner

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Product Highlights

  • 400mg Caffeine + 250mg Eria Jarensis for Potent CNS Stimulation, Sharp Energy & Focus
  • 2.5g Beta Alanine for Enhanced Training Capacity
  • 50mg S7 for Enhanced Nitric Oxide to Maximize & Support Pumps
When it comes to training, don’t just crush your workout...straight up murder it with
Killer Labz Executioner. Formulated using some of the hardest hitting stimulants
available, Executioner sets the table for an incredible workout, time and time again.
Addressing energy and focus via caffeine and eria jarensis, n-methyltyramine and
Isopropylnorsynepherine, you’ll be ready to tear up any session. Your endurance
and power will be amplified as well, supported by 2.5g beta alanine and 2g of
betaine, with pumps rounded out by the novel S7 for enhancing nitric oxide
production naturally. No matter what your goals, if you want to take your training
up a notch and outright annihilate your session, Executioner is for you.

Key Benefits

  • Amplify Energy & Focus
  • Promote Enhanced Training Endurance & Power
  • Supports Blood Flow & Pumps

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