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Product Highlights:

  • ReFuel
  • ReHydrate
  • ReCover
  • 150 calories/serving
  • 30g KarboLyn/serving for glycogen replenishment
  • 3.6g Fermented Leucine/serving for kickstarting recovery
  • 2g HydroMax Glycerol/serving for enhanced hydration
  • Sugar Free

Labrada is proud to introduce their latest in the long line of legendary products, ReCHARGE!™ Created to expedite recovery and fuel intra-workout performance, ReCHARGE features several key ingredients to increase endurance, optimize recovery, facilitate optimal hydration and promote protein synthesis and recovery, Labrada ReCHARGE will help you push your performance like never before.

KarboLyn - 30g

  • Designer carbohydrate source
  • Rapidly absorbed, yet sustains elevations in blood sugar like slower starches
  • Quickly replenishes muscle glycogen
  • Provides quick energy source for muscle performance

HydroMax – 2g

  • Designer glycerol powder
  • Increases the amount of fluid in muscles and blood
  • Increases muscle fullness, hydration and nutrient transport
  • Easily enters blood and muscle tissue; pulls water in with for saturating effect
  • Reduces fatigue and metabolites from muscle breakdown
  • Aids in exchange of nutrients and waste byproducts

Fermented Leucine – 3.5g

  • Fermented amino acids are high purity; made in a sterile lab environment using no animal products
  • The most anabolic of the BCAA
  • Stimulates insulin release and promotes anabolism
  • 3.5g is suggested amount for optimal mTOR pathway activation; signals protein synthesis

Manufacturer’s Directions:

Mix 1-2 servings in 16-24oz of water. ReCharge!™ can be consumed during your workout as you begin to feel the effects of fatigue and fluid loss. Drinking ReCharge!™ as you complete your workout will allow you to take in the restoring ingredients when they are most needed. A high quality post-workout whey protein shake may also beconsumed within 30 minutes of training, for best results.

Supplement Facts

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