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Let’s just cut the fat:

You are paying too much for supplements, especially fat burners and diet pills.

Most products are filled with fillers, fluff, and ingredients that are included in watered down doses so it can be written on the label and in advertising.

There are a few basic ways to rev up the metabolism and burn fat at an elevated rate. The most obvious is to change the diet and exercise more, but you already know that. Adding a thermogenic fat burner to your arsenal is like adding 93 octane to your body and it burning calories at an accelerated rate.

When we created Alphadrene, we decided to cut the BS and offer a simple yet powerfully effective fat burner that went back to the roots of the ECY stack of the golden era of bodybuilding and the 90s. This tried and true formula was taken to kill appetite, turn up the metabolism, and give endless amounts of energy.

Thanks to recently the available Ephedra viridis leaf extract, we bring you a fully legal ECY stack with a modern twist: Alpha-Yohimbine, also known as rauwolfia vomitoria extract. This is a potent alpha-receptor antagonist, which are known to release fat to be burned as energy into the body, as well as convert white fat cells into the more easily metabolized ‘brown fat cells’.

Let’s take a look at this simple yet powerful formula:

Caffeine Anhydrous (300mg) - Caffeine is a tried and true fat burner, appetite suppressant, and is known for giving the user energy. It has been shown in studies to increase force output as well as a number of other performance markers. Caffeine synergizes with the other ingredients to provide maximum fat burning.

Ephedra Viridis Leaf Extract (aerial) (100mg) - This is a fully legal species of the ephedra plant, yielding alkaloids that support thermogenesis and suppress appetite.

Theobromine 10% (Theobromine Cacao) (50mg) - Theobromine is a constituent of cocoa, coffee, and a number of other plants. It has a mild stimulant effect and works in synergy with caffeine and ephedra to burn fat.

Rauwolfia Vomitoria Extract (std. Min 90% alpha-yohimbine) (rootbark) (2mg) - This is the 2018 alternative to regular yohimbine. Alpha-yohimbine is much more potent, and provides unbelievable energy and extreme fat loss.

How To Take Alphadrene

We recommend starting with one capsule of Alphadrene, and then working up to 3 capsules per day over the course of 2 weeks.

Supplement Facts

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Ricardo Galarza jr (Santa Maria, US)
Good stuff

Really good stuff if you don't mind sweating uncontrollably lol but it does as promised

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