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Natadrol is a natural anabolic by LG Sciences. It uses four simple ingredients to increase size, strength, and water reduction. Natadrol contains Tinospora Cordifolia, which is a super potent herbal ingredient that fully stimulates androgen receptors. It acts like stanolone in the body and it is so powerful that it requires a test booster to be added with it. Curculigo Orchioides has been added to Natadrol to act as a natural test booster and increase natural production of testosterone. Cissus Quadrangularis is added to help rebuild and repair muscle and help enhance bone and joint health. Hibiscus Rosa-Sinesis is an anabolic pSARM that has shown to help increase weight. Natadrol is both natural and potent. You will want to get a PCT product after Natadrol. Get the size and strength you desire with LG Sciences Natadrol.

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