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M4 Nutrition

M4 Nutrition IJoint (120 Caps)

M4 Nutrition IJoint (120 Caps)

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Product Highlights

  • Boswellia, White Willow and curcumin for Addressing Joint Discomfort & Pain
  • Potent, natural anti-inflammatory formula
  • A true 30 servings per container; Full Label Transparency

No matter your age, joint health should always be a priority. Having healthy joints that are free of pain and move freely, is a staple of everyone's regimen. iJOINT from M4 Nutrition combines tried and true ingredients that are simultaneous with joint relief and natural anti-inflammatory support. The other part to keep in mind is that you can never underestimate how important it is to use preventative measures to keep joints healthy from the get go. Aid in current pain and prevent it from happening with iJOINT.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces Systemic Inflammatory markers
  • Promotes Joint Comfort & Mobility
  • Advanced Formulation for Cutting Edge Join Care


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