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MAN Sports

Man Sports Brain Bridge

Man Sports Brain Bridge

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Product Highlights

  • 425mg of Naturally Derived Caffeine
  • Synergistic Blend of TeaCrine & L-Theanine for Complimentary Energy & Anti-Jitters
  • Intelligent Replacement for Traditional Energy Drinks & Coffee
There are days where you’re on top of your game, and there’s others where you’re
scraping by to get what you need to get done accomplished. On the latter, many
reach for the time tested remedy of coffee or an energy drink, but the downside is
that this is just amping you up with caffeine alone, leaving you slightly more alert
and sometimes with anxiety and a crash. Brain Bridge is the intelligent upgrade for
getting you up and running with your day. Formulated with a synergistic
combination of nootropics and just the right combination of stimulants for amping
up energy, Brain Bridge will give you the energy and mental edge you are seeking
without the anxiety and crash. Close the gap between vision and execution with
MAN Sports Brain Bridge.

Key Benefits

  • Elevated Mental Focus & Energy
  • Novel Nootropic Formula for Enhanced Cognition
  • Crash-Free & Anxiety-Prevention Centered Formula

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