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MAN Sports

MAN Sports Water Drop 120Caps

MAN Sports Water Drop 120Caps

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Product Highlights

  • Powered by High Potency, Natural Diuretics Dandelion Root & Horsetail Extract
  • Key Electrolytes for Maintaining Proper Muscle Function
  • Absolutely No Fillers or Unnecessary Ingredients
When it comes to revealing the leanest physique possible, sometimes it is more
than just body fat that can get in the way. Subcutaneous water can get trapped and make you look softer than you are, short-changing the hard work you’ve done to lean out. Water Drop from MAN Sports addresses this issue by helping you to shed that excess water, just in time for that competition, pool party or photo shoot. Featuring natural diuretics and electrolyte support muscle function, you’ll be ready to reveal that dry look in no time!

Key Benefits

  • Aids in Shedding Excess Water
  • Maintain Electrolyte Balance For Proper Muscle Function
  • Reduce Subcutaneous Water
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