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Merica Labz

Merica Labz Stars 'N Pipes

Merica Labz Stars 'N Pipes

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Do You Love Freedom? You'll Love Stars N Pipes

Stars N Pipes is THE HIGHEST DOSED Nitric Oxide Booster that you will ever find. Merica Labz goes above and beyond with this supplement by including not only a skin splitting dose of 6g pure L-Citrulline, but also over 3x the average dose of Hydromax Glycerol along with Betaine Anhydrous. Stars N Pipes is fast making a name for itself as a potent pump enhancer, and can be used either alongside your stimulant based pre workout (such as Red White & Boom), or as a stand alone non-stimulant pre workout.

Product Highlights

  • One of the highest dosed NO Boosters on the market
  • Full disclosure label (no proprietary blends)
  • Whopping 6g of pure L-Citrulline
  • Over 3x the industry average dose of Hydromax Glycerol

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