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Merica Labz

Merica Labz Stars 'N Pipes

Merica Labz Stars 'N Pipes

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Do You Love Freedom? You'll Love Stars N Pipes

Stars N Pipes is THE HIGHEST DOSED Nitric Oxide Booster that you will ever find. Merica Labz goes above and beyond with this supplement by including not only a skin splitting dose of 6g pure L-Citrulline, but also over 3x the average dose of Hydromax Glycerol along with Betaine Anhydrous. Stars N Pipes is fast making a name for itself as a potent pump enhancer, and can be used either alongside your stimulant based pre workout (such as Red White & Boom), or as a stand alone non-stimulant pre workout.

Product Highlights

  • One of the highest dosed NO Boosters on the market
  • Full disclosure label (no proprietary blends)
  • Whopping 6g of pure L-Citrulline
  • Over 3x the industry average dose of Hydromax Glycerol

  • Stars N Pipes Supplement Facts

    stars n pipes supplement facts

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jason Mo Motto (Marinette, US)
Ive tried better

Its ok at best I bought it Cuse I seen the reviwes and the bottle and name is pretty cool but maybe I'm used to super strong prework outs Idk it did nothing for me I somewhat tasted the flavor but it was to chalky to know but its ok just not for me.

Andrew (Minneapolis, US)
Just Great

This is honestly one of the most effective pump supplements I have ever taken. It's very basic and the raw ingredients could probably be purchased separately for a lot cheaper, but for convenience and taste factor, I am very happy with my purchase. Maybe the best-tasting pre-workout supplement I have ever had.



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