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Metabolic Nutrition

Metabolic Nutrition C.G.P.

Metabolic Nutrition C.G.P.

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Creatine is essential for anyone looking to build slabs of rock solid lean muscle mass, increase strength, and perform optimally.

Creatine helps to increase the energy output of your hard working type 2 muscle fibers and maintain consistent strength and lean mass gains.

Metabolic Nutrition introduces a superior form of Creatine that flips the switch to dense muscle gains and is absorbed directly by your hard working muscles without having to mix it into juice or add sugar like the old school forms of creatine monohydrate.

Creatine-Glycerol-Phosphate (C.G.P.) delivers “pure muscle torque energy” in a stable and easily absorbed creatine supplement so your body can immediately put it to use for maximum intensity muscle building workouts.

This special form of creatine is able to be absorbed in your GI tract easier than other forms of creatine – eliminating things such as stomach cramping, poor absorption, and nausea.

Directions for Taking Metabolic Nutrition C.G.P.

Training Days: For maximum strength and lean muscle building results consume 1 scoop of C.G.P. with 10 ounces’ water, juice, or a sports drink 45 minutes before your workout.

Non-Training Days: To load the creatine into your muscles for your upcoming training day it is suggested you consume 1 scoop of C.G.P. with 10 ounces’ water, juice, or a sports drink in the afternoon or early evening.
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