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Metabolic Nutrition

Metabolic Nutrition Protizyme

Metabolic Nutrition Protizyme

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When it comes to dieting and low carbohydrate lifestyles, you need a delicious superior grade protein powder to accelerate your metabolism and initiate protein synthesis.

Metabolic Nutrition Protizyme is a pharmaceutical grade supplement that is superior to other forms of protein and is perfect for dieters since it is low carb, low fat, and low calories.

Protizyme packs in a delicious gourmet taste with superior ingredients. Unlike many protein powders you will not find lactose and aspartame in Protizyme.

Protizyme’s unique doctor formulated protein powder has been created to increase your protein absorption by a staggering 300 percent due to its ultra micro filtered process which preserves the structure of the amino acids and delivers a rich intake of muscle building and M-Tor pathway igniting BCAA’s.

The problem with most protein powder supplements is poor digestion, and uncomfortable bloating. Since Protizyme is coated with powerful digestive enzymes, your body will increase the absorption of the protein while eliminating poor digestion and bloating.

Protizyme also includes the world’s only "Muscle targeted Glutamine" - making it a superior choice for anyone looking to maximize lean muscle gains.

Directions for Taking Metabolic Nutrition Protizyme

Weight Loss Solution: If you are taking Metabolic Nutrition Protizyme as a weight loss solution it is recommended that you mix 1-2 scoops of Protizyme with 10-12 ounces’ cold water up to 3 times daily as part of your calorie restricted diet. You can use these shakes as meal replacements.

Muscle Building Solution: If you are taking Metabolic Nutrition Protizyme as a muscle building aid it is recommended that you consume 2-3 Scoops up to 3 times per day for maximum protein intake. It is crucial that you consume up to 3 scoops within 45 minutes after a resistance training workout.
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