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Modern Hardcore Nutrition

MHN Arez God of the Gym

MHN Arez God of the Gym

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Product Highlights

  • Energy & Focus Powered by Infinergy, KaffCitrate, Zynamite & Advantra Z
  • Elevated Training Capacity Fueled by Beta Alanine + Betaine Anhydrous
  • Pumps Powered by Citrulline Malate & S7
Formulated to take you beyond human capability, Arez God of the Gym is the pre-
workout formulated to help you unleash you inner supernatural powers. Featuring a
time released energy matrix powered by caffeine, caffeine citrate, Advantra Z and
Cocoabuterol, you will not only have razor sharp energy but long lasting energy.
Rapid pumps, endurance and Focus are delivered through premium citrulline
malate, beta alanine, betaine anhydrous, S7® and Cognizen and the patented
Calcium Fructoborate is included for aiding in boosting strength naturally. A high-
potency formula with all of the crucial pre-workout elements wrapped into one, Arez
God of War will take you to the next level.

Key Benefits

  • Hard Hitting Energy & Focus
  • Elevated Training Capacity & Strength
  • Promotes Optimal Blood Flow & Pumps
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