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Mixer Chain

Mixer Chain

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The miXer chain is an improved version of the current shaker cup mixers available on the market today. The NEW patent pending miXer chain better blends the athletes protein shakes, pre workout or any other nutrition supplement he or she may be using to fuel their bodies.


Tangle-Free Design

With a closed circle design, these miXer Chains will not get tangled with one another no matter how many links you connect or chains you cram into one spot. Storing multiple agitators just got easier!

Customizable Lengths

From one link to unlimited links, these miXer Chain links can be connected to form any length to give you more or less mixing power, whichever you desire.

Foldable, Space-Saving Design

Is your utensil drawer already overfilled? Well not to worry because the miXer Chain folds up neat and takes up less space than your other drink mixer.

Gets Corners, Scrapes Sides, Mixing Power

The round, flat design of the miXer Chain links allows it to reach into those narrow corners of your shaker cup that, until now, were caked and untouchable. The links being connected yet able to independently move from one another also allows the chain to scrape along the walls of your cup to mix in any build up and create a smooth consistent shake.

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