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Machine Carb 10 is the optimal bodybuilding carbohydrate choice due to its clean ingredient profile, rapid digestion, and minimal insulin spiking.

Unlike dextrose and many other bodybuilding carbohydrate powders – Machine Carb 10 will not spike your insulin and initiate that dreaded crash following a high sugar/high carbohydrate post workout meal.

The reason for this is Carb 10 is a highly unique carbohydrate that is created from peas and is absorbed into your blood stream very fast for immediate nutrient delivery. You get the benefits of immediate nutrient delivery without the health risks associated with chronic insulin spiking.

MTS Nutrition Machine Carb 10 delivers the following benefits:
  • Delicious and convenient carbohydrate supplement
  • Mix into your pre, intra, and post workout shakes for added muscle growth
  • Delivers fast carbohydrates to your blood stream without the insulin spike
  • Helps shuttle amino acids from the protein supplement into your blood stream
  • Helps activate the anabolic trigger of insulin without the crash
  • 25 grams of high quality carbs per serving

How to take MTS Nutrition Carb 10

You can consume MTS Nutrition Carb 10 as a pre, intra, and post workout supplement. For optimal post workout muscle building results you should be consuming MTS Nutrition Carb 10 with your post workout protein for added nutrient delivery.

For maximum post workout growth and recovery consume at least 1 scoop of MTS Nutrition Carb 10 for every 100 lbs. of bodyweight in your post workout shake.

MTS Nutrition Machine Carb 10 Supplement Facts

MTS Nutrition Machine Carb 10 supplement facts

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Sustained Energy No Insulin Spike

I like Carb10 because I get good, clean energy while I'm working out with no insulin spike. I also don't feel full after I take it. Perfect.

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