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MTS Nutrition

MTS Nutrition Machine Lean (60 Caps)

MTS Nutrition Machine Lean (60 Caps)

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Fat burners are often loaded with stimulants to boost energy, however that prevents you from using your favorite pre workout and taking your fat burner before workouts. That also prevents you from taking any doses close to bedtime. Some just don’t respond well to caffeine all together. MTS Nutrition has a solution for those experiencing those problems.

MTS Nutrition’s Machine Lean is a fully loaded non-stimulant fat burner. Using scientifically validated and proved ingredients in weight management and energy production, support thermogenesis by generating heat in the body, supporting the mobilization of fat for energy, and supports a healthy metabolism to reduce body fat, all while curbing cravings. This is a fully complete fat burner without the stimulants to make you jittery and crash.

Product Highlights:

  • Weight management and energy production
  • Induces thermogenesis
  • Mobilize fat for energy
  • Supports a healthy metabolism
  • Suppresses appetite

Ingredient Breakdown:

  • Capsimax - Capsimax increases lipolysis and was found to enhance energy expenditure before, during, and after exercise. In addition to the fat burning capabilities, supplementing with Capsimax has also been shown to increase lean muscle mass.
  • Forskolin - Forskolin can help those looking to lose weight by improving insulin resistance and enhancing metabolic functioning. Researchers also found that men who supplemented with Forskolin were able to increase their testosterone levels while decreasing their body fat. In addition, Forskolin is a vasodilator and expands the blood vessels, allowing for better blood flow and easier nutrient transport.
  • Decaffeinaed Green Tea - Decaffeinated Green Tea is a great source of antioxidants which are able to seek out and destroy free radicals before they are able to do damage to the cells of the body. When using Decaffeinated Green Tea, you can expect to see an improvement in time to exhaustion when exercising, allowing you to push harder each workout. Fat oxidation is also increased, aiding in weight reduction including abdominal fat.
  • Olive Leaf - Helps prevent the body from creating more fat cells. Additionally, Olive Leaf can lower body weight as well as fat tissue mass in the body.

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