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MTS Nutrition

MTS Nutrition Peak Physicor (60 Caps)

MTS Nutrition Peak Physicor (60 Caps)

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Achieve Peak Physical Performance

Peak Physicor is a supplement designed to help you achieve your peak potential in physical performance. Peak Physicor features ingredients backed by clinical studies to help improve your body composition (increased muscle mass with decreased bodyfat) along with improved athletic performance. Peak Physicor is the perfect supplement for bodybuilders, powerlifters, high intensity sports athletes, endurance athletes, or members of the military.

Ingredients Backed By Clinical Studies

The ingredients in Peak Physicor are backed by clinical studies showing the benefits mentioned above. Below we've outlined the benefits of each ingredient.

Physicor™ Fenugreek
  • North African legume touted as ergogenic aid
  • 4 week study revealed significant increases in strength and body composition compared to placebo
  • Helps regulate insulin levels
  • May boost natural testosterone levels

PEAKO2 Performance Blend
  • Comprised of 6 natural adaptogens which help you adapt to physical and mental stress
  • Studies show increased power and endurance in only 7 days
  • Significantly increases endurance - NC study shows time to exhaustion increased by 70 seconds in PEAKO2 users in 21 day trial compared to 5 seconds with placebo

MTS Peak Physicor Supplement Facts

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